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A gift registry is a collection of desired gifts that is specifically chosen by a celebrant for their guests to purchase thus making the gifting experience simpler, easier, and more satisfying for everyone. A registry allows users to select the exact gift and quantity desired thus preventing unwanted and duplicated gifts.

An online gift registry allows users to easily choose from an enormous assortment of gifts from the comfort of their living room (or even from their phone), add them to their gift registry, and then share their registry link with their guests via social media, emails, a link in their invitation card or word of mouth. Guests on the other hand can purchase meaningful gifts for their loved ones with just a few clicks. The simplicity of the process encourages guests to give and show support to their loved ones.

  • A Registrant is the primary person responsible for managing the Gift Registry. Registrants are required to submit contact and shipping information.
  • A Co–Registrant has access and partnership in the Gift Registry. Co–Registrants are not required to submit contact or shipping information.
  • Both the Registrant and the Co–Registrant can add, edit, delete and make updates to the Gift Registry.

– 100% Free to use

– Wide range of products

– Cash Funds

– Group Gifting

– Gift Tracker

– Global Access

– Free Wedding Gift

  1. You create an account
  2. You create a gift registry and add desired items and cash funds
  3. You share your gift registry link with guests
  4. Guests purchase gifts and you get notified for every purchase
  5. You receive all gifts and cash funds on the date you choose

Yes, it is 100% free to use. Enjoy!!!

You should create a registry as soon as possible so your guests have enough time to get you the gifts you desire.


Yes, Let’s face it, we are practically family now (hugs). Every Wishes couple gets a wedding gift from us, we are honoured to share in your Joy.

Yes, you can! We are both an online shopping website and a gift registry. Simply add items to your cart instead of your registry and checkout – easy as ABC!

Yes, you can. Simply send a mail to

For Couples/Registrants

Simply by clicking the “Add to Registry” button on the product page of your desired gift

As many as you want. Go wild with it!!!  but remember to put items of different price points to enable all guests afford to buy an item from your registry. The general rule of thumb is to register for about one gift per guest.

You can modify your registry at anytime, add or remove items from your account page.

When you mark an item as a “Group Gift,” multiple guests can contribute what they wish to that gift.

To take advantage of this feature, go to your registry page and go to any of the gifts you’ve added to edit it,  change the “Group Gifting” option to “yes” and save to enable this feature for that specific gift. 

After, guests will be able to contribute to your group gifts the same way they’d buy any gift off your registry: by going through our normal checkout process and purchasing with their credit/debit card or mobile money.

We’ll keep track of all contributions to your group gifts in your gift tracker. Once a group gift is 100% funded, you can chose to ship it at any time. If a group gift isn’t 100% funded, you’ll receive the amount gifted to you as Wishes store credit.  

Yes you can make your registry private from your accounts page. You will create a password that will be shared with your guests.

Yes, you can change a gift if you notify our team within 7 business days after the order is placed. Terms and Conditions apply.

If you find a desired gift in a store or online, kindly send the item, price and location with your registry information details by mail to and it will be manually added to your registry.

You can share your URL link with your guests via email, social media, invitation card, word of mouth. for private registries don’t forget to include the password.

We are more than happy to walk any and all of your guests through your registry and even place their order over the phone. Have them email at or call us at 0509336163.

We’ll send you real-time notifications every time you receive a gift via email

You can track all your gifts from your gift tracker section of your gift registry

When a Gift from your registry is purchased by a guest, it will be shipped immediately to you. Kindly refer to shipping in the “Terms and Conditions” for estimated arrival.

Cash funds will be delivered after your wedding to a Ghanaian bank account that you provide. If you need the funds prior to the wedding, send an email to

No, cash can only be received for cash fund items. If you need to return or exchange a gift please take a look at our “return policy”.

No, gift cards can only be used for the purpose for which it was intended.

If a gift in your registry goes out of stock before it is purchased, you can choose another from our wide variety of gifts. If a gift purchased from your registry goes out of stock before it ships, we will convert the value of it to wishes store credit for you, which can be used to purchase another item of the same value.

Yes they can, your registry will be kept active for up to 6 months after your wedding date.

For Gift Givers & Guests

Simply go to the URL Link provided by the couples or click on the find a registry menu on our website, input the first and last name of either the bride or the groom and click search.

Yes, you can include a personal message for the couple

You can pay through bank account deposit, debit or credit cards and mobile money at checkout.

Yes you can, Wishes is also an online store where individuals can shop for items for their wedding/honeymoon, homes or purchase gifts for loved ones who don’t have registries.

Yes you can, during the checkout process, you can choose to ship the gift directly to the couple or select “Ship to another address”. By default all gifts are shipped to the registry owners address but if you would like your gifts shipped to you kindly click on “ship to a different address” button during the checkout.


Couples frequently mark expensive items or a cash and honeymoon fund as a “Group Gift” to let you contribute any amount you wish towards it.

To contribute to group gifts, look for the “Contribute to Gift” button on the couple’s registry. You’ll add the amount you wish to contribute to your cart , then proceed through checkout. You can also leave a note for the couple. We’ll notify the couple of your contribution, just as we do any other gift. 

If a group gift isn’t 100% funded by the couple’s wedding date, the couple will still receive the full value of your contribution.

Absolutely, All your information is private, secure  and encrypted when you send them to Wishes.

Cash Funds

To add a cash fund to your registry, head to our cash fund pageYou can create your own cash fund or select one from our list of cash and honeymoon fund ideas. You can even customize any of our pre-made funds to make it more personal to you two, including changing the image, title and price.

Add as many cash funds as you want.  In fact, you can put in specific experiences, like airfare, dinners, Hotel stay, massage packages, wedding services and more.

When you add a cash fund to your Wishes registry, you have the option to have your guests contribute “Any Amount” or “Fixed Amounts:

Yes, we charge 4% to cover payment processing fees, bank charges and other related costs.

Your funds will be transferred at the time you request. Funds you receive will be deposited into your bank account in Ghana.

Shipping & Returns

Yes we do, one of the perks of registering or shopping with Wishes. 

Unfortunately we don’t, but do check back later.

  • Items shipped from overseas take between 4 to 6 weeks to be delivered.
  • Items shipped from Ghana take between 1 to 2 working days to be delivered.

Yes we do, the item must be of the same value as the new item desired and unused. please send us an email on for exchanges requests.Request is subject to availability of item

Please read our return policy here-

Please read our return policy here-

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