A gift concierge can help you find the perfect gift, purchase it, and make sure it is beautifully wrapped and delivered on time. 

Choosing the perfect gift can be a daunting and time-consuming process, this is where our gift concierge service comes in, Wishes uses your input; your knowledge of the recipient, the background of your relationship and what you hope to express with each gift – as inspiration that enables us to craft a personal, unique and  customized gift idea for your recipient. This service is also perfect for individuals overseas who would like to buy gifts for their loved ones in Ghana.

We begin the process with an initial phone consultation which is followed up with in-depth research resulting in 2 unique gift recommendations (Tangible or experience) within 2 working days.  Once you have decided on a gift, we take care of the purchasing, custom gift wrapping + Handwritten note and delivery, all for a standard fee.  The execution is handled by Wishes to take all of the pressure and work off of your hands.  We do the work, you get the all glory!!! 

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